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Reserva is an exciting organization with the goal of using student power to create the first entirely youth funded nature reserve. Students individual actions through letter writing and small individual fundraisers can be pooled together to save one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. Their first campaign is to protect a breathtaking 1,220 acre site in the Chocó Rainforest of Ecuador, of which only 2% remains intact.

Write a Letter, Save the Rainforest

Here's how it works:

1. Write a letter below about why you love nature, and why we should protect our last wild places. (Drawings are great, too! Please send an image of your letter in an email or by mail, if you'd rather draw and write by hand).

2. We'll match your letter with $3 toward Reserva's youth-funded reserve projects. If we complete the reserve in Ecuador by the time you write your letter, the funds will support the next youth-funded reserve!

3. Then, we're planning to bring all one million letters to the UN's Convention on Biological Diversity in 2020, so world leaders hear what you have to say.

For our current project, that means your letter protects an area of Ecuadorian Chocó rainforest about the size of the average classroom!

Find the full details here, including a template that you can use with your classroom: https://reservaylt.org/1-million-letters

Create a Fundraiser to Save the Rainforest!

A signal act may at times seem small, but the combined acts of many students can change the world. Reserva needs your help to reach their goal of creating the world’s first entirely youth-funded nature reserve with Rainforest Trust. Whether on a special holiday, your birthday, or just because you care, social media fundraisers have proven to be a powerful tool for conservation. 

Find all the details here that your students will need to get started: https://reservaylt.org/

Remember $3 can protect an area the size of your classroom!

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