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Partner Resources

General Resources

#NatureForAll's Discovery Zone combines resources from groups around the world, for all ages, in several languages

Ocean Wise Education has the most robust selection of educator kits and workshops for teachers of any ocean group globally - check them out here

The Canadian Wildlife Federation combines action items, DIY Projects, Educator Resources and Programs galore

The Nature Conservancy's Nature Lab is one of the biggest repositories of nature activities for kids and educators in the world. Explore all they have to offer here

Canadian Geographic Education provides access to free giant floor maps, geographical education resources for teachers, and much more!

Let's Talk Science's biology resources are available in English and French and include hands-on activities, lesson ideas, career profiles and more.

Resources for Taking Action

Earth Rangers Missions give your kids a chance to engage and take action to save the planet! Learn more and get involved today!

Ecologist School by Families in Nature has 96 (!) lessons in both English and Spanish for your class to peruse on 16 different scientific disciplines!

The Toronto Zoo has parent and teacher resources for K-12 kids on conservation, habitats and of course a bevy of amazing Zoo species!

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