How to Take Part


BackyardBio all year long!

The official BackyardBio campaign wrapped up May 31st, 2021 - it will return
May 1-31st, 2022!




It couldn't be easier to join the adventure and take part in BackyardBio! The program is a fun and easy activity to get your family or students exploring biodiversity and sharing their passion for nature with the world!

Spend some time getting outside and exploring your backyard, front yard, neighbourhood, school yard, local parks and conservation areas to find as many different species of plants, insects, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals, crustaceans, molluscs, echinoderms, fungi (you name it!) as you can. This can be a big family or classroom project or just ten minutes looking and listening to see what you discover - every minute engaging with the natural world is valuable! Take photos of everything you see!

There are three ways to take part and share what you discovered!

                                                On Social Media

Sharing your images on Twitter or Instagram with #backyardbio is the easiest way to take part. It only takes a second, and by following the hashtag you'll get to see other amazing images from around the globe!















                                         On INaturalist/Seek Apps

These apps will not only help you identify the organisms that live near you but will also connect you to a huge network of naturalists online and allow you to contribute to real citizen science! You'll be able to share images and get feedback from real scientists and other naturalists on what you've discovered!

First, create an INaturalist account at

or download from the App Store or Google Play 

Now get out there are start taking photos!

The official BackyardBio Project may be over, but you can still check it out to see all that was discovered worldwide!


#BackyardBio sighting of the day: an epic struggle between a Crab Spider and a Fly on my way back from work! (It didn't turn out so well for the fly lol) All this just inches from the sidewalk, so cool what you can see when you stay on the lookout for #biodiversity 

From @petersoroye


"Dad!" she screamed. I thought my 6yo was suddenly afraid of spiders, but she followed it up with, "you have to take a picture for the seat of your pants people!" Well @EBTSOYP, here you go! #BackyardBio (Don't stress - we're all about catch & release here, even for spiders)

From @PHPete


Thank you @SciJesse for encouraging the Merrifield Team to get outside and explore

our backyards. We made some wonderful discoveries and enjoyed getting close

to nature.

From @JenMerrifield

Until then, take part year round with these ideas for keeping the engagement going!


Students can also choose to use the Seek app, a version of the iNaturalist app that's a little more kid friendly - like Pokemon Go for Nature!


Download it here!

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