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How To Guides

Tips and Tools to Get outdoors for BackyardBio


Looking to get more acquainted with INaturalist and how you can use it with your class? Check out this handy guide!


Want a little more help? Check out these video

tutorials for INaturalist!

Under 13 and just want to be better equipped to explore the species near you? Consider the Seek App! 

Teenagers in Nature

BackyardBio is a form of "bioblitz' - a celebration of biodiversity that focuses on finding as many species as possible in a short period of time! Check out this amazing guide on bioblizes from National Geographic  

Kid's Playing Outdoor

Why go outside? Check out this fantastic article on the importance and benefits of getting outdoors in Nature for kids!


Short on time but high on enthusiasm? Check out BackyardBio lead Jesse's own experience doing the 10 Minute Nature Challenge - how many species did he find?

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