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Educational Resources

Kindergarten - Grade 3

Falcon Sketch

Join a Sketch Scavenger Hunt with the Robert Bateman Foundation and see what you discover!


Work through some awesome activities to get you acquainted with the world of insects with Families in Nature!

Autumn Leaves

Become an Earth Ranger with this Local Tree Guide Eco-Activity!

Grade 4-8


Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors! Learn how with the Canadian Wildlife Federation!

Plastic Bag on Beach

Take action and lead the fight against ocean plastics with Ocean Wise!

Diving in the Reef

Go on a journey with The Nature Conservancy to learn about amazing interactions in nature!

High School


Join the UN Environment Program and TEDEd on a series of quests to learn more and take action!

Home Gardening

Pore over some amazing activities and resources from the David Suzuki Foundation!

Seafood Shrims and Clams

Learn how to make sustainable choices when eating with Ocean Wise!

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