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Join us as we kick off the 2020/2021 school year in style and celebrate our planet's amazing biodiversity! It doesn't matter if your students are back in the classroom or learning from home, everyone can get out into their yards, neighbourhoods, parks and wild spaces, and explore the wild world around them! There are several ways to take part and share your student's discoveries with the world.

How to Take Part

Register your class to take part and for the month of September send your students outside using the iNaturalist and Seek apps to document and identify the variety of life around them. Upload their finds to our iNaturalist page, share them on Twitter and Instagram with #BackyardBio and join in live events connecting your classroom with with classrooms around the world to share what they found!


Check it out, we're featuring photos taken by students from around the world, highlighting the weird and the wonderful! You'd be amazed at the variety of life you can find in your own backyard, especially if you're willing to get down low and look for the small wonders. We're excited to collect a global snapshot of what's in your student's backyards and communities!


#BackyardBio Photos

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Exploring by the Seat of Your Pants is a Canadian and US registered non-profit dedicated to inspiring the next generation of scientists and explorers. We do this through brining science, exploration, conservation and adventure live into classroom everywhere through virtual guest speakers and field trips. Since 2015, we've hosted almost 2,000 live events connecting hundreds of thousands of students with scientists and explorers from over 80 countries. What we do is and always will be free for classrooms everywhere.

Each month we host over 30 live events for classrooms, often tackling themes like climate change, ocean plastic, biodiversity, space exploration, women in science and exploration, conservation and much more. Classrooms can join in camera spots and interact directly with the speakers, all event stream live over YouTube and Facebook so any number of classrooms can tune in and all events record to our library of past events, accessible to educators and students at any time.

Check out our website and start smashing your classroom walls!

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